Le transit

I’m nearer the end of this particular hospital stay: the digestive system is slooowly coming to life again. And once again I’m struck by the no-nonsense way the French talk about their innards!

I feel I have contributed to this progress. Now that I am no longer hampered by the stomach pump, I’m  under instructions to walk as much as possible up and down the corridor (not easy when you are pushing a drip stand). Today I stepped up my daily quota to 40 times back and forth. Since I reckon the corridor is about 50 metres long, I did about 4km today.

My reward is that I am back on meals. Sort of. R is for régime or diet and I am on R1. This consists of a bowl of ‘soup’ – more like a watered down stock cube. Must be getting better. I fancy something more.

Still I am feeling better and looking forward to the next step: the removal of the drip, which amazingly keeps dripping on. The needle is in the crease of the elbow so i have to constantly remember not to bend my arm too much.

Just thought i would finish this by putting up the usual picture of the view from my window. I do love the majestic great plane trees.

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