Doctor visits

Dr Glaise arrived on her daily visit. Her first act was to remove the horrible stomach pump. It has done its work: I have an empty stomach. I responded with “vous êtes une ange!”.

Now for the long and tedious stage: ‘le transit’. As I know from my previous digestive traumas, last month and in 2015 after the cancer op, my system takes a long time to recover. I expect many questions over the coming days about les gazes.

Dr Glaise explained that my current problem was an occlusion or blockage in the intestine, probably caused by the hernia which had already been identified just below the stomach and which was to have been looked at in August. She said this occlusion was not caused by last month’s stomach  ulcer but the poor state of the intestines could well have been affected by my cancer op and subsequent radiotherapy.

She goes on holiday for a fortnight tomorrow. Nice for her, I said, but not for me. She laughed, luckily. I will be leaving the clinique as soon as the digestive system is functioning again and Dr Glaise will operate at the end of August, just before she goes off on maternity leave. Before then I will have another consultation with her, plus with her colleague, Dr Vandome to arrange for the planned endoscopy and colonoscopy, and with Dr Perez, a cardiologist.

In the meantime I am going to have to wear a corset, to hold in the hernia. Great news in the high summer season and with my lovely bassin inviting me into the water!

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