Sara’s visit

Sara’s much too short week here has whizzed by, and this morning she was off to Levens, near Nice, to her son James.

i was truly pampered – even more than usual – as Sara rose to the challenge of meals without all the yummy things we love. Apart from the odd bit of butter and a daily croissant, she loyally followed my regime. When she arrived I was not really hungry, but I regret that over the past week I have recovered my appetite. I am also much less tired, though the afternoon siesta seems to have become almost routine.

As usual Sara also did sterling stuff in the garden, clearing weeds and filling the flowerbed in front of the house with the plants we bought at the Saturday market.

Given the afternoon temperatures in the mid thirties, we enjoyed the bassin (including spending hours watching a wasp building a nest under the table!). The plant pool is looking lovely with the water lilies doing particularly well this year, and Jacky has replaced the plants around the bassin destroyed by the wild boar in the winter.

Apart from doing lots of lounging around, talking (as usual, at the same time) and playing Scrabble (I let her beat me…), we packed in a lengthy meal at Fatou’s, a good concert (Dvorak and Mendelssohn) in Molières, strolls round the villages of Molieres and Aulas, a couple of markets and cafe sessions, a trip to an amazing garden in the Valleraugue valley, offering apéritifs to my friends Charles, Pierre, Francis and Mireille – and then two tasty meals with each of these couples, who made huge efforts to adjust their cuisine to my requirements.

I’m now sitting beside the water, enjoying the evening sun. But sad my pal is no longer here. We talked much of India, which we both love. Who knows, perhaps my next big adventure might be a trip with Sara to Kerala at the end of 2019 .  Just need to tell my body to behave .


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