Memento mori

Today I was pushing the wheelchair of an old lady down to lunch (lack of aides) when a nurse suddenly closed the doors from our corridor, saying urgently, it was only temporary. 

I managed to nip out, knowing that the wheelchair would now be handled by staff. Only a few had reached the dining room – and I saw that now even the dining doors were closed behind me.

One of the kitchen staff explained there had been a death and the body needed to be transferred to the funeral parlour, the hearse was waiting outside. There is only one lift and this is the busiest hour of the day. It was over quite quickly and efficiently. We only lost 20 minutes waiting, but they were sobering minutes.

We hoped it was someone who had been suffering and was ready to go, not someone the victim of a heart attack. I’m on the first floor, where people are more autonomous; the second floor houses the very old and/or sick.

Maybe this was a reason the lunch was a calmer affair than the day before!

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