I am dictating this into my iPhone because my right hand is completely immobilized by the latest drip.

How often  have I heard nurses and technicians exclaim that my veins are very thin and move in an elusive way. 

Yesterday the third drip in three days failed as the vein collapsed. After three abortive attempts to insert a new drip, the nurse conceded defeat and called for an anaesthetist – who turned out to be the same Sophie, present at my hip op in 2001. 

Even she took two attempts, that makes five punctures in one day. And the only place she could find a vein was on the back of my hand yet the rest.

That was 24 hours ago and now my hand has swelled up and the nurse has phoned for an anesthetist again. I fear this time it will be something more drastic. This reminds me too physically of my stay in the Clinique Beau Soleil in 2015, when again I ended up in the anesthetics department.

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