Attention aux pluies orageuses

How often since I last wrote a fortnight ago I have seen newspaper headings like this!

At least the saints de glace put an end to the cold, but we seem stuck in an endless cycle of warm, heavy weather with regular thunderstorms and rain.  Today it has surpassed itself with violent deluges.

I promise, it is not just me who is obsessed by this weather.  Everybody in the south of France is equally incredulous.  Why, today we have more rain and cooler weather than London!

I have to acknowledge that last week we did have moments of sunshine.  The English visitors next door exclaimed at the luscious green landscape.  Yes, I said, it is not usually this green.

Everything is growing so fast that I swear I can see the grass – and weeds – advancing upwards. And yet, it is too wet for Philippe, who keeps things under control, to come this week.

Things are supposed to improve mid-June, but still with an extraordinary amount of instability. Edith, my cleaning lady who is here at the moment, repeated what I have heard too often: “The year 2018 looks as if it will continue to be strange right to the end.”

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