And now for a new ailment

Thinking about the various blemishes on my face has seemed a low priority, but I finally got myself organised and went to a dermatologist, as urged by my doctor, Maëlle.

The sun shone and my car roof was open as I drove the 75 km to Castries to see the dermatologist, Dr Merlet.

Uh oh.  It turned out to be a visit well merited. As I suspected, the moles and other brown blemishes on my face were unsightly but not cancerous.  However, she took one look at the rough area on the side of my nose and said this had to be dealt with immediately (not in the autumn, as I had suggested). And while she was about it, she would tackle the larger ‘moles’.

I had not come mentally prepared for immediate action, but as it turns out, the process of freezing these was uncomfy, but not inordinately so. Such was my surprise at being treated instantly that I did not ask any questions about the procedure or indeed the significance of the dodgy nose blemish.)

I now have to put cream on twice a day, until the scabbing has gone, plus Factor 50 sun cream, and of course avoid direct sunlight on my face.  Just at present my face looks worse than before!

I expressed some surprise at Dr Merlet treating blemishes which were unsightly but not dangerous.  It turns out that all this is covered by the health system in France.  Indeed, Dr Merlet said I should have come much earlier, as now the mole below my right eye could take several visits.

Meanwhile I have had to borrow sun hats from my friend Dessa, and am mentally eating humble pie after years of my casual dismissal of my family’s scrupulous covering the grandchildren in sun cream.



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