Carte vitale

I hunted everywhere for my missing carte vitale over the weekend following my hospital stay and decided reluctantly that on Monday I must report its loss.

While waiting at the local health insurance office, I ordered a new card, which automatically cancels the old one.  Minutes later I saw the very nice official to ask her for a document confirming I had a card on order.  She asked me for my passport (given we don’t have a carte d’identité like the French) – and out fell my old carte vitale!  The clinic on Friday must have put it inside my passport for some reason.

The official sent an urgent email requesting the main office in Nimes to annul the cancellation of my old card.  She thought she had succeeded, but at 11pm that night I got an email from Nimes confirming the cancellation.  The next day the local official said she had never known a cancellation to happen so rapidly.  I know from my friend Dessa’s experience that I could wait weeks, even months, for my new card.  Meanwhile, instead of doctors, pharmacists etc being able to put my card into a machine to receive payment, I will have to pay them and then take a paper to the local office in order to be reimbursed.  What a pain.


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