Poppy is 9

Poppy greeted me with wild enthusiastic licking (why always the ears?).  She has clearly had a lovely holiday – as usual – with Hans and Margaret.  What’s more they have brought her back to normal behaviour after her somewhat stressed post-vaccine combined with new biscuits-only diet.

Yesterday was her birthday, and she punished me by refusing to eat anything.  A battle of wills is going on: the food bowl remains firmly untouched.  But I am not going to give in and return to her unhealthy diet of Pedigree Chum.

It is nearly nine years since I collected that little black bundle from Véronique at the trout farm and she frightened Margaret and me by nearly jumping into the deep hole under the house or hiding in an unstable woodpile.

She has become the ideal companion: happy, friendly (especially to humans)  and obedient (relatively).  Just a little blip while I try and get her back on course eating a healthier diet.

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