Tax returns

A major item on my To Do list is ticked off: I have done my tax return –  my Déclaration des Revenus 2017. But not without some problems.

For several years I have done my return online.  This year they changed the form slightly and slipped in the requirement to give additional information needed to assess the taxe d’habitation (one of the two local taxes). But most irritating, on the last page I got an error message and may need to make an appointment to clear it up.

Most French citizens only have to complete form 2042 (don’t ask me why they give obscure numbers to the forms).  As a foreigner, I also have to complete form 2047  and, as the owner of a foreign bank account, form 3916.

The error message says that I indicated on form 2041 that I had worked all year and that this is incompatible with form 2047. I’m baffled: I have not seen form 2041 and I filled in 2047 exactly like last year. Further, because the system knows me as someone who does my return online, I don’t get a paper copy to complete – and yet if I click on the query box by any item, I am often referred to the page number of the paper copy…

I will have to sort this out on my return from the UK next week.

Meanwhile, the next item on my To Do list, which I have to stop avoiding, is seeking French nationality.  The forms are alarming, the documentation required enormous, and the rules somewhat ambivalent, dependent on local interpretation.  In May I will have to consult in Montpellier, but it looks as if I might have to take some sort of language test, which in the old days I would have been able to avoid, getting instead some sort of local official statement of competence.

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