The weather – again!

Ca suffit!  We have had enough rain and cold – not to mention snow and hail – this so-called spring.

I know my family think I am weather-obsessed, but frankly so is everybody else who lives here.  You do not expect such persistent lousy weather.  How long is it now since we have had more than a mere two days of sunshine?

The end of the family holiday was exceptionally wet: my son-in-law came back from a ‘bracing’ walk looking like a drowned rat.  And after a brief respite, it resumed again yesterday.  I took a look at a dustbin I emptied on 1 April.  It showed we have had 30.5 cm (over a foot) in two weeks!

Those who garden are in despair.  When can one do anything other than mow a wet lawn dug up by the sangliers (as is the case of a friend in Aulas)?

It is not actually raining just now, but the sky is its habitual menacing grey and a wet night is forecast.  Then, miracle, several days of relatively fine weather with higher temperatures – before the rain resumes next Saturday.

We can write off April (and before that, March and February).  The question is, are we going to have a better May?


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