The thaw

Well, the last two days have been a variant on the ‘épisode cévenole’ – the name given for the dramatic downpours we get here.  About 30 cm of snow fell on Wednesday; other areas near here had 50 cm.

Yesterday Poppy and I remained marooned in the house.  I had to cancel my trip to the neurologist who is trying to work out the causes of and treat my sciatica.  Unfortunately I may not be able to see her till the end of April now.

Poppy is still not keen on the snow which engulfs her.  And I do not dare go out.  Apart from not having boots for snow, with four prothèses I simply do not want to risk falling.

I have been unimpressed by the commune’s complete inertia.  It has neither organised any chasse-neiges (snow ploughs), nor checked on the growing number of elderly residents (I know at least two who are over 80 and who are isolated), nor written any information or advice on its web site.

Yesterday evening I discovered too late that in fact a neighbour up the road, Morgan (builder and volunteer pompier) had spent the day clearing our road, Pied Méjean, and shovelling snow from the driveways of his neighbours.  He said that if only he had known I needed help he would have come here.  Instead I have arranged for Philippe, who does things like cut my grass, to come today.

This morning – after a night of violent wind and electricity cuts – the wind has abated and the sun is shining.  The thaw is under way, but meanwhile, everything is looking lovely.


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