Snowed in

There is an eerie silence as the snow blankets out all sounds and views,

The Meteo France forecast has been amazingly accurate: yesterday’s sunshine is history and we can expect snow until midday tomorrow.

Richard and Phil started work this morning (the temperature was minus 7!) and broke through the layer of concrete under the paving stones enough to confirm their theory, that the subsidence had been caused by a broken drainage pipe. And then as the snow arrived, they beat a hasty retreat just before the road closed. Richard says all shops in le Vigan are closed and his car is stuck in the middle of the road 200 yards from his house.

My next concern is tomorrow’s appointment with the neurologist in Montpellier. I imagine the snow ploughs will come once the snow stops, but I’m not sure how I will get the car from its shelter to the road!

Early evening

Tomorrow’s trip to Montpellier is not looking promising (and the next appoint possible is at Easter when the family may be here).  I’ve just rung a local councillor (as always he does not bother to come to the phone – his wife lays down the law…). There seems to be no plan for snow ploughs.  And she was talking about the bigger road below my land, not the precarious steep descent just outside my drive.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist some more photos of snowy views from my house, just before it got too dark.



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