The battle against the sangliers

The sangliers have continued to wreak even more damage since I last wrote about them.  But luckily Jacky has returned from his travels and last week constructed a magnificent but discreet  electric fence.

In a couple of days he had enclosed the top half of my land (containing the bassin and the olive trees). His friend, Jacquot, arrive to instal the electrics, looked at the damage and exclaimed: “C’est une catastrophe!”.

Jacky told me that he now insists that anyone wanting him to do landscape work instals a fence like this, such is the extent of the damage the sangliers are now doing. Not very romantic or rustique, he said, but essential.

He has made two gateways, one on the path down to the gite and the other above the steps to the children’s cabin (although I will probably switch off the electricity and open these gates in the daytime when the children are here).

He levelled out the churned-up earth everywhere and sowed some grass seed in the worst areas.  He will be back in a month or so to prune the olive trees (and replace those which have not made it) and replace all the plants destroyed by the sangliers.


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