Repairing the bedroom terrace

Yet another work of necessity rather than pleasure: making good the terrace outside my bedroom.

The removal of the non-functioning jacuzzi left a gaping hole.  But perhaps more serious, over the past nine years this terrace has subsided, not only causing nasty pools when it rains but causing a potential damp problem under the bedroom doors.

The first stage is to take up the limestone paving and investigate possible causes of the subsidence.  The paving stones are now all up, thanks to sterling work by a local called Phil (despite being French) drilling away all day for two days in freezing temperatures.

Tomorrow – if it does not snow – the next stage will be to decide what to do with the sagging cement.

Hopefully all will be repaired and paving stones relayed, this time with proper drainage, before Easter.  The gate, which used to lead to the jacuzzi inspection panel, will now be the start of steps leading down to the space below the house where I store my wine and which I would like to see expanded to provide additional bedroom space (another story, another day…).

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