New physiotherapist

I still have three physiotherapy sessions a week, but at last I have a physiotherapist in le Vigan and will no longer have to do the 25 km trip to Ganges.

Charlotte looks incredibly young – too young to have a ten-year-old daughter.  But she is highly competent and very pleasant.  She is an amateur musician – singer, accordionist and, in the past, saxophonist.  Though she has temporarily stopped, as the youngest child is only three. But she understands my desire to return to my previous level of cello playing and adapts the programme of exercises accordingly.

It is nice feeling we have this shared target, although she warns me it is going to take a long time and hard work for the muscles to come to life again. Three times a week she  gives me half an hour of massage and manipulations, followed by half an hour of exercises.

She approves of my efforts to return to some playing activity at the Ecole de Musique, as trying to bow long notes is an important form of physiotherapy.  I told her that I have just been given a bit of Bach to play and for once was pleased to see that the notes are all black (rapid, for those of you who do not read music) rather than white (sustained, which I do with difficulty, particularly on the all important A string). She laughed and said that was fine, as long as the tempo was not slowed down so much that black actually meant white. Nice to have that sort of conversation with a physiotherapist, who has also enjoyed playing Bach.

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