Deborah has left

What a bundle of energy: in ten days Deb has sorted out so many things in the house.

Our last joint task was tackling the mess in the ‘garage’ (junk room with boiler, tools, toys and other family boxes, suitcases, my shoulder exercise kit… …. We are both keen labellers of stuff, Deb in particular.  So it should be easier to track down tools in the future (I’ve just laid my hands immediately on my Stanley knife, for example).

Sub-zero temperatures at night meant that Deb could not do much in the garden, unfortunately, but she has vigorously cut back the neighbours’ pyracantha, which was making access to my dustbins a prickly experience.

It has been so nice basically allowing myself to be spoilt by Deb (did she lose that last game of Scrabble to be kind to me?), so now it is time to adjust to fending for myself. I’ve just made a large amount of vegetable soup to ensure that my veg intake maintains the high level achieved under the Deb regime.

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