Capricornes – again

I have unfortunately become a bit of an expert at recognising the arrival of capricornes: I had to deal with capricornes in my bedroom in 2015 and then last year in the wooden posts and beams of my terrace. So this month I had no difficulty in recognising the light crunching noise above my head at night.

So once again I rang Rastop, the firm that has dealt with my previous capricorne invasions as well as with the nests of chenilles processionaires in the tree in front of my house. Within days I had a visit from Serge (we are now on first name terms…).

After consulting Daniel, who did the actual treatment, they came to the conclusion that the culprit must be the chestnut beam above my head, which is mainly concealed in the wall between the bedroom and study.  Only the part which was visible was treated last time.

So, on Tuesday Daniel returned to drill holes through the plaster in the study to treat the wood on that side, and also gave a good surface blast to the beam on both sides. To avoid side effects from the treatment, I shut off the bedroom and study for three days and Poppy and I slept in the spare room. Luckily all this is covered by a ten year guarantee, the original treatment having been paid for by the builder, not me.

Last night we returned to my bedroom and I can report no nightly crunching noises.  Fingers crossed.

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