Rain and storms

As I write this I look out on the usual January mixture of sun and cloud. Hard to remember that we have just had  three days of torrential non-stop heavy rain and on Sunday night the most incredible storms.

The rain started in earnest on Saturday and built up to a crescendo in the next 24 hours.  I can honestly say I have never experienced a night such as Sunday. The clouds grew ever blacker and heavier and at midnight the thunder and lightning started – and continued for at least eight hours.

Not just the odd clap of thunder and streak of fork lightning, but rather a non-stop battery of blasts that shook the house, and lightning flashes that lit up the whole sky.  There were apparently over 2000 such flashes that night. As usual I had to disconnect all important electronic devices, and as usual, we lost our telephone and internet connections for about 12 hours.

At one stage the rain turned into hail – and then back to heavy rain beating down on the roof with such violence and power, it might just as well have been hail. I reckon that in three days we have recovered all that rain that we have been waiting for after months and months of drought or semi drought!

At the end of the summer Jacky dropped the level of the water in the bassin to about 20 cm below the skimmer.  Yesterday morning I saw that the skimmer was competely covered in water; the bassin was ready to overflow. Since then the level has dropped back a bit, but Jacky is going to pass by this afternoon to unblock the skimmer, and probably let out some more water.



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