A quiet start to 2018

Deb left and I found myself alone again at home.  A strange feeling after two months living an institutional life with people always around me.

Poppy was back home, so we spent a couple of days re-acquainting.  She is still following me round the house, making sure I’m not going to take off again.

On New Year’s Day we went for a really pleasant day at Dessa’s.  Well, pleasant for me, but Poppy is not so keen on Dessa’s giant dogs. There was a good mixture of French, Dutch and English.  I particularly enjoyed meeting a couple – nurse and educationist – who have lived in Thailand and Madagaskar and are now part of a group planning a communal living project in Montpellier.  Oh, and Dessa’s neighbour, who is a psychootricienne.  I had never heard the word before and I am not sure if there is an equivalent  occupation in Britain.  She tried to explain that her work fell between that of physiotherapist and psychologist. She works on the psychological aspects of a person’s health problems, typically, for example, working with people who have had strokes, helping them come to terms with their catastrophe, to cease to blame and to be ready to work at recovery.

And now I am back on the weekly routine of trips to Ganges for physiotherapy.  This will go on until 5th February when I at last have a place to go three times a week to a physiotherapist in le Vigan.

I have also bought some kit to carry on exercises at home, including a pulley system – or une poulie as it is called here –  which Deb installed for me in the garage and which I try to use for at least half an hour a day, listening to the radio.

I’m enjoying being back in my own bed, even if I am having sleep problems, and watching the weather unfold before me.  We have had cold, wind and rain this week.  Here is a foreboding red sky, seen through my bedroom window, before sunrise.

The sleep problems, and associated aches and pains – shoulder, gammy knees, rib cage…. – are not helped, I suspect, by my decision to wean myself off the clinic diet of painkillers (I was having three codeine-paracetamol pills a day).  Suddenly everything aches.  I may have to review this decision and take at least something for a while.