La sortie

It has been decided. I leave here on Thursday 21st December and in the interim before the le Vigan kiné, Charlotte, I start the three day a week trip to Ganges, starting on Boxing Day (not a holiday here).

Eric has stressed that I have a long programme of physiotherapy ahead; my shoulder muscles, he said, had been more or less dead after a year or so of inactivity because of pain

The five or six hours of physiotherapy will probably drop to an hour – plus the work I have to do at home .

I view the future with mixed feelings. I know I could have done with more of Eric’s help, but have to recognise there is a queue of people wanting to come here. But it will be a relief to be home again – and for Poppy to return after her two-month holiday with Hans and Margaret.

I can’t yet touch the top of my head  so that, plus being able to use a cello bow are my two goals for  January.



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