What next?

  1. I’m making good progress with my shoulder, but it is slow, slow. And if I give up, that’s it – a right shoulder which doesn’t work properly.
    My theoretical departure date is 22nd December, the end of next week. I am nowhere near the normal level of mobility when people leave.
    What shall I do? Well, I have contacted a physio in le Vigan, who comes highly recommended by friends. She sounds really nice -and competent – on the phone. But she cannot take me before 5th February.
    My choice now seems to be to resume the 50 km round trip each day to Ganges, or to stay on here. This sounds possible, given the kine clearly recognizes there is still work to do. But what about Christmas?
    My sister, Deb, is coming for the week of Christmas. I asked tentatively if I could take a week off. The reply was a definite No. Two days seems to be the limit.
    So, I am sitting here trying to work out what to do.

No further on, but my current thinking is to go home on 22nd December, to do the daily trip to Ganges until February and then switch to the local kiné, Charlotte.

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