Another internet silence

Once again we have no internet service in the Clinique, but this time it has lasted three days and who knows when it will be restored.

On Monday this was forgivable as we were in the midst of a major inspection. But now it is hard to know whether the broken service is not repaired because of indifference by staff here or by the company in  Montpellier who manages the computers here.

Les Châtaigniers and the Clinique in Ganges have been acquired by a big group Oc Santé based in Montpellier, and I fear that like Maguelone last year we now have a service devised too remotely from its users. Here we are just a few internet users in a rural backwater.

I still have 3G internet access via my phone, but because of heavy usage while working on the Scottish Women database, I have used up my monthly credit. So I have just shelled out on a larger internet plan.

I’m writing this on my iPad (which has WiFi and Bluetooth, but no SIM card), and which is now ‘tethered’ to my phone (ie piggy backing on its 3g access) taking advantage of its access.

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