Computers again

Last week was a period of technological frustration. Yes, I know I am a geek glued to my computer. But thank god for computers and tablets and the internet to replace former activities if one  has reduced mobility.

Last week I was hit by two problems, the first entirely of my own making. Some of you may recall that quite a few years back I wrote a database to help my friend, Rose, in the management of the production of a dictionary of Scottish women, with  multiple authors to coordinate. This is now approaching the final stages of the second edition, when its task will be  to export a variety of things, including several indexes to the women and their areas of activity

Rose and I both use Macs and the database is written using a natty programme called Filemaker, which we have not bothered to pay to upgrade for several years now.  Last week I blithely updated my Mac to the latest version of its system software, and then discovered to my horror that Filemaker 12 was  too old to run on it. So I have had to buy two copies of Filemaker 16 (luckily on a limited buy one and get one free offer).

In between sessions of physio, I did my best to check that our database was happy when run with the new version of Filemaker – and then I had to convince Rose it was safe to switch .  Fingers  crossed we have got over this blip, albeit at a cost. Now Rose’s aim is to deliver the dictionary and its indexes to Edinburgh University Press by Christmas!

Downloading the new software and communicating with Rose in Edinburgh was hindered by the WiFi service for patients inexplicably breaking down for two days.  I tried not to be too demanding and managed to restrict myself to just two visits to the clinic administration.

The experience underlined how pathetically dependent I am on the internet,  not just for this dictionary work, but for all forms of information and entertainment – and even to download the next book on my kindle.

Anyhow, normal service has been resumed. I am once again happily wired up. Wirelessly.


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