Technology rrrr

I spent too much time this morning emailing back and forth with my website hosts about my inability to access CPanel, which is essentially like the door into the engine room of a site, used for example to repair, modify or back things up.
They kept coming up with suggestions which irritated me because I wondered if they had read my emails. Why, for example, ask me to switch to using a PC when I had already told them I was in hospital with an iPad and my Mac was at home?
I think I was the one who finally got them thinking straight. Could there be a firewall blocking CPanel, I asked, or perhaps access from the hospital?
At last, we got somewhere and they confirmed that as they had put up no firewall, it was the hospital that was blocking use of CPanel. So, short of using up my phone’s rapidly diminishing 3G resources, not much more I can do.
What makes any activity on the internet trying is that the hospital’s WiFi service for patients is appalling. I think it is the same company providing the service as at Maguelone last year and it is all coming back to me how bad it was.
Logging on takes several steps including the usual rubbish password (which cannot be changed or remembered by your device). Any period of inactivity (going to the loo for example) and you are logged off.
Web browsing is painfully slow, and never mind watching English TV or a movie, forget even YouTube. The service is clearly seen as primarily for emails. Ok most people here may not be up to much more, but Skype or FaceTime should be seen as reasonable services.
If I ever get to Maguelone, which has the same software and configurations, I fear things may not have improved since last year.

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