Road up – again

On Thursday I got back from a lengthy medical session to a very local drama: no water, the road blocked and a few metres up from my house the road up.

My English friends and neighbours, on holiday for a week, were very excited and concerned about what to do in the unknown length of time without water.  I have to say I was a bit more phlegmatic; this is after all the second time this summer when we have no water.

Apparently water suddenly spouted out of the road and when I arrived they were still searching for exactly where the pipe had broken.  Our road is the boundary between the communes of Mars and Bréau and hence a shared responsibility.  So, as well as the four or five workers, the two mayors were there. Plus, of course, the usual round of locals come to give them advice.

I asked the mayor of Mars, whom I like, how this joint effort was organised.  He replied that Mars had the men and Bréau the equipment (well actually Fred, who drives the bulldozer, lives in Mars but works for Bréau…).  I made some guarded comment about how it might be easier if these two little communes were merged (knowing the complex reasons it had not happened, including that the two secretaries don’t get on). He agreed, but said it will take a little while for these ideas to get accepted……

They eventually found the break (caused by stones piercing an elderly pipe which at that time had not been insulated with a layer of sand).  Drama over.  We have our water back.  The road, on the other hand is an ongoing mess.


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