My health – again

And so to my other potboiler, my health.  Last week I paid another visit to the neurologist in Montpellier who is currently looking the problems caused by my lower back.

I went to Dr Lionnet originally with discomfort in my back and left leg which, combined with what is known as ‘restless leg syndrome’ was preventing me from sleeping. She ordered various tests including an MRI  (IRM in French) and to help over the summer prescribed medication.

Last week she asked how my summer had been and I was able to say that thanks to the medication I had been sleeping normally for the first time for about a year.  Then she looked at the MRI and pronounced that it was “pas encore catastrophique” and then did  another EMG (Electromyogram) test.  She said that the results from these were mixed, with improvements in some areas and degradation in others, so she wants to repeat the tests in three months.

She confirmed that the symptoms in my legs and back were definitely linked to the condition of nerves in the lumbar region, but for now I should continue to take the medication.

I asked if there were any serious side effects – I’m taking Sifrol and Neurotin – but she said no, not with the small doses involved. (She had already stressed that I should report back any unusual behaviour, such as obsessive spending sprees! I had replied, no more than usual … …)

I’ve since looked on the Internet (of course!) and picked up experiences of loss of memory and balance, both of which have been concerning me recently.  I will discuss this next time I see her, but I suppose I need to weigh up these problems against loss of sleep, which was driving me mad!

Heyho, now the next medical appointment is in ten days, to discuss my recalcitrant shoulder, or rather biceps tendon, with the surgeon.

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