Rant against banks

If you live in rural France you depend a lot on internet shopping.  Particularly if, like me, French clothes and shoes are too small to fit. Or (like me) you have a propensity to buy computing stuff.

I have two bank cards, one French for Euro purchases, and one British, for sterling purchases. Many of my purchases are in sterling, because it is often cheaper and easier, even allowing for higher delivery charges. For example, I recently replaced my worn out bed linen with stuff from John Lewis.  I paid a delivery charge of £7.50 for goods which were cheaper and better than I can get here – and they arrived twice as quickly as something coming from a French source!

Fine when everything works.  But while the BPs were here, I got an email from Apple saying they could not process my monthly payment. I rang my bank to check if my account had been blocked (this often happens when there is a suspicion that there might be fraudulent use of the card).  But no.  After several hours of checking and phoning between Apple and Nationwide, I had to give up and carry on with normal life.

Then I got more emails reporting failed payments, including Adobe with  my monthly payment for photo related software. Back to Nationwide, who this time confirmed that they had sent out a new card.  But my card was not due to expire before 2021 I said.  Ah, it was apparently replaced for ‘technological reasons’, which they later agreed meant that Visa had told them to replace it.

I rang Jude in London (where my card gets sent) but no evidence of a card being received. So – – back again to Nationwide to cancel the non-arriving card and order yet another.  I do not expect to have my UK card, therefore, for about ten days.

I asked the Nationwide person to pass up my complaint that an existing card should not be cancelled in this way without proper warning.  But the letter advising me of an expiry time was apparently sent with the card.  Not much use, I said, if the card did not arrive.  I asked her to pass on my request that procedures should be reviewed to allow for a circumstance like this, so that a second letter should be sent before closing down the original card.  She agreed this was sensible.

Frustration.  But at least it stops me spending more money!

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