Biceps Tenodesis or Tenotomy? Update

When I saw my GP, Maelle, on Monday, she explained that I already have a tenodesis: when Marion Bertrand, the surgeon, put in the shoulder replacement, she attached the biceps tendon to a bone further down, hoping this would enable the damaged tendon to function.

So now she is proposing to cut the tendon altogether, which would mean the biceps would have to function with only its other, shorter tendon attaching it.  Sounds scary, but Maelle assures me that she has at least two other patients with only one biceps tendon.

If that is true, can’t wait for it to be cut (a very minor op) and be able to resume relatively normal life anad maybe – nearly a year too late, try to get as much use of this right shoulder and arm as possible.  I will have to wait till I see the surgeon in September to discuss the options.

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