Yet more health news

When I was at school, I failed O level biology (deliberately, refusing to revise). My inability and unwillingness to take in graphic information, whether pictures of flowers or anatomical images has continued.

So when my physio, Joceline, called on me with some information about my recalcitrant shoulder and biceps tendon, I struggled while she attempted to explain. the problem, using images and photos on the internet. It didn’t help of course that this is all in French.

The reason she wanted me to understand more was that she and my GP, Maëlle, had got together to discuss what could be done about my painful biceps tendonitis, as this has prevented proper recovery of the shoulder replacement done nine months ago. They had agreed that Joceline should contact the surgeon, Marion Bertrand, for more information and advice.

If I have understood the email exchanges correctly, Marion Bertrand proposes surgery on the recalcitrant long head biceps tendon. I think what she is proposing is to cut the top section of the biceps tendon and I think reattach it to a bone lower down.  I have found a site in English which explains this procedure.  Alternatively, of course she might be proposing the simpler, more dramatic solution – simply cutting the tendon without reattaching it (biceps tenotomy). I have an appointment with her in September to discuss the options.  In the meantime, Maelle has given me stronger medication in an attempt to relax the tendonitis and enable me to better perform my rehabilitation exercises.  And Marion Bertrand has asked for a detailed echography.

Running in parallel with my ongoing shoulder saga is my ongoing back saga!  For over a year I have had increasing sensations of discomfort in my left leg and back.  I am currently seeing a neurologist who prescribed an MRI, which I had on Friday.  This confirmed what I knew already: arthritis everywhere in the spine and in particular problems in lumbar vertebrae 3, 4 and 5.  The radiologist was very perfunctory and not particularly polite, so I await explanations and decision about treatment from the neurologist.  She is on holiday now, so again, I have to wait till September. I’m hoping not just yet back surgery! Meanwhile, again, I am on medication to suppress the symptoms and enable me to sleep.

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