This wretched tendon

The last ten days have passed in something of a blur. I have done the thrice a week 25km round trip for pool physiotherapy, progressed the plans for capricorn eradication, lunched and dined with friends, and  enjoyed sitting beside my bassin.

But i have also faced a sudden return bout of the shooting, unpredictable pain in my arm. There is no doubt my shoulder is a bit better.  But not the biceps tendon. It flared up again, telling me not to kid myself. I do wonder if it is my efforts to take on the cello which brought it on.

In any case I have not touched the cello for several days and the biceps tendon is calming down. Thank goodness for my automatic car, which at least allows me to preserve my independence at times like this. And now that it only hurts when I make certain movements I can emerge from this bout of self pity.


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