Nasty shock

Houses have an annoying habit of requiring maintenance.  Expensive maintenance.

I finally decided that I needed expert help to deal with the holes in the posts of my verandah .

So I summoned M. Altadill, who has already dealt with a nasty insect experience two years ago (but at least that time it was my builder who paid). He has a good reputation and is recommended by my builder.

I thought I had masonry bees and just needed some advice about what to do.  So it came as a horrible surprise to be told this was capricornes again.  Although one post is the main place, he found holes elsewhere.

So I am going to have to get Philippe, who is currently painting the railings on the back terrace, but turns his hand to anything I need, to sand down the wood and then Serge Atadill’s company, Rastop, will inject and blast the whole verandah.

Bye bye at least a thousand euros.




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