Back to playing music

On Wednesday I played in the end of year concert of l’Ecole de Musique du Vigan.

It was a jolly, if somewhat too long, occasion. The different instrumental groups demonstrated their work- including two pieces by us, the four cello students (all adult), and we finished with several pieces by the ‘orchestra’.

The music was below the level I used to play at, but after my chequered playing history (nine months not touching the cello), plus my usual problem of performance nerves, I did not play particularly well.

My shoulder and arm have improved in the two weeks of playing, but it is still a great physical strain. By the end of the concert I had had enough and messed up a tricky passage where I usually play solo (the other three have only been playing for a couple of years). Luckily Anne, our teacher, was with us, so I hope no one noticed that one rather than two cellos did the nippy syncopated bit.

What has been- and is- a great pleasure in playing with the other three-Pascale, Astrid and Lihaie. They are such nice woman, all around 40 (and spoil me by insisting on carrying my cello and putting up my stand), but also ragging me about my accent and ‘Britishness’.

It’s great that they are  pleased I’m back and have since the concert texted to say they want to meet up play with me over the summer. Anne has also given me homework, so I’m going to be busy. I have to hope the shoulder and miscreant biceps tendon improve enough to for me to play properlyby the autumn.

Since I wrote this, Pascale has circulated a shot of the cello section:

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