No internet today

This morning I stopped at a supermarket to do my shopping. A notice said ‘no bank cards’. I tried the cash machine – no service.

Hmm. With just ten euros I bought dog food and decided to treat myself to lunch at one of my favourite haunts,’Chez Fatou’. I reckoned I deserved it as this morning I nearly fainted during a rather painful physio session in Ganges. (Not the physio’s fault and he quickly had me stretched out with my feet in the air to recover.)

At Fatou’s I learnt from fellow diners that nothing was working in le Vigan –  cash machines, banks and  internet were all down.  I had been lent cash by a friend I bumped into for my lunch. Not necessary said Fatou, I could have just paid when I next had cash. (Sounds horribly like someone who eats out too often!)

Two years ago we had no internet including banking services for nearly a week when someone accidentally cut the cable between Montpellier and le Vigan. Life came to an absolute halt for several days.

Nobody knows what’s happened this time. Others in the restaurant suggested le Vigan was the target of a cyber attack. I said a broken cable was more likely. (This underlines there should really be a second cable bringing internet services to Le Vigan. ) Later, one of the guys at our local diy store confirmed that I was right.

But this experience does both rely how dependent one is on internet connectivity. My reflex action is to reach for my iPhone to find the answer to questions. Not now. I don’t even know when I can post this.

Meanwhile I need to hunt down my cheque book, normally used just once a month to pay my cleaning bill.

Several hours later
My cheque book is not needed.  We are back in business.

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