Irises – and blog publishing

The strange weather we have had over the past month, with unusual cold nights and more rain than usual has played havoc with grape vines and fruit trees, but everything else seems to blossom as usual. Even in my garden.
I’ve always been an ignorant gardener and now I have to rely on plants that can look after themselves. Thank goodness the irises continue to flourish.
These are the ones in front of my house, so they give me daily pleasure. Further down by the pool I have lots of yellow irises too.

Well, I put up these photos partly to show at least one of my computing problems has been resolved. The company which hosts my website changed some security settings and the version of some software called php, and now Envira, which I use to publish photos, works again.
But my problems with the editor remain an annoying mystery which continues to obsess me.

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