My new driveway

Meanwhile Jacky has been here for two weeks, building a new driveway. The finished drive now has earth down the middle and on the sides, showered with grass seed.   But it’s raining today – the first time for a month – so I will add the finished photo tomorrow.

Anyone who has stayed will appreciate that driving down the slope to the level below, to park and turn the car, was an interesting experience: with every big rainstorm the contours were becoming ever more tricky to negotiate, as the skid marks from failed attempts to drive back up demonstrated.  Some friends steadfastly parked on the road outside rather than negotiate my drive.

It is now so a doddle going up the slope, though I find it difficult to know whether my tyres are on the concrete.  It’s also much easier to walk up the slope (my compost is at the bottom). I should have had this done years ago.

One of the pleasures of having Jacky work here is our ritual of a morning coffee together, sitting outside, putting the world to rights and admiring my view (much of which, as creator of the pool, he is responsible for creating).  April is such a wonderful month, with the host of different greens filling out each day and new flowers springing to life.  I’m a useless gardener, but still, I can enjoy the irises and roses which I planted or – increasingly – had planted for me.

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