Madame l’Arthrose struggles on

The first knee injection has caused major problems: my right knee is more painful than before.  I saw my nice rhumatologue again on yesterday and she assured me it might take longer to work – and meanwhile gave me the injection in the left knee and one in my ankle.  So far these are behaving but the right knee is annoying.  I’m hobbling round like a cripple.

Today I saw the neurologist at another Montpellier clinique – Millenaire.  My friend Dessa drove me, to avoid two tiring trips on consecutive days.  The neurologist was a very young woman – she scarcely looked old enough to be out of school – but again, incredibly nice and super efficient.  I’m really pleased that I have women treating me as GP, surgeon, rheumatologist and neurologist.  They are all pleasant people and easy to talk to.  It makes such a difference and you are less likely to forget all the things you were going to say if the atmosphere is relaxed.

This was particularly the case today as my problem is difficult to describe: discomfort on the left side with spasms which prevent me sleeping.  Since there is no pain I feel like a fraud seeing these specialists, but lack of sleep is really getting me down.

Dr Lionnet was efficient and businesslike in her questions and examination and then gave me a very clear explanation of what she thought. There was an outside chance it might be Restless Leg Syndrome, but she was sceptical both because it was on one side and because getting up and walking in the night does not help.  But she is giving me a trial period of the drug used for restless leg syndrome (and in much greater doses for Parkinson’s disease), at the same time being careful to advise me of side effects. She will also be exploring possible nerve compression or sciatica which has so far not shown up. I have to arrange an MRI in the next few weeks and she will do an  EMG (Electromyography) when she next sees me in a month.   I liked the fact that she took my peculiar complaint seriously and that she handed me a copy of the report she had typed during the session and said that she would be sending copies to my GP and rhumatologist (so often the specialist leave the patient to pass on this information).

It is good to feel that someone is taking on one of my complaints, but hard to handle the fact that there are now so many! I suppose I could cope with the next chapter in arthritis – knees, ankle and possibly back – better if this d—d shoulder was doing better.  I’m really making very little progress indeed.  I could cope with the immobility issues now that I have solved the transport problem, but the pain does get me down.  This evening for example it is bad; I can scarcely use my computer mouse.  (Curiously being a passenger on the trip to Montpellier has started off the pain more than once.)  I am sad too that I have so far not reached the point that I can play my cello again.

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