Meanwhile the health saga continues

I saw my GP Maelle at the start of April.  This will brief, I said, just want to bring you up to date on my various aches and pains and meetings with specialists.  Nearly one hour later we said goodbye.  Now, is that not an amazing doctor to have?

Maelle was delighted to hear that the cancer surgeon was pleased with my progress and that from now on she will look at the annual scans and only contact the surgeon if there is something unusual. She was more concerned about my general state of health (fatigue, sleeplessness, aches and pains…) and wrote out a whole lot of prescriptions for various, mainly homeopathic medication, to try to make things easier, as well as giving me the prescription for the foot and ankle xrays I need.

The xrays confirmed what we knew already, that my left ankle is particularly bad with arthritis (so is the foot, but that is not giving me problems for the present).  I took these xrays to my rhumatalogue in Montpellier on Wednesday and she gave me the first of the knee injections – I get the other knee and ankle done next week, when I will also see a neurologist at another Montpellier hospital to discuss the spasms or discomfort in my back which prevent me from sleeping.

On a brighter note I also saw the opthalmologist in Ganges, mainly for my six-monthly check on the glaucoma.  He was pleased with the reduced pressure which he said was often a good side effect to the cataract operations I had last year.  As a result I am reducing the amount of medication, eliminating the eye drops which make my eyes sting so much.  Hurray!

As for the recalcitrant shoulder, I think it is making slow progress, though the painful tendons are still a problem, inhibiting proper rehabilitation.  However I do think that driving my little car is helping: I started by using just my left hand, but now drive with both hands on the wheel and try to get the right hand to take a more active role. Joceline, my physio, has also given me more exercises to do each day: raising my arm up while lying on my bed (far easier than trying – and failing – to raise my arm while standing up).

But now, enough of health stories.  Spring is here.  The weather is glorious (up to 30 degrees in the sun yesterday), the irises are now out, the cuckoos have been here since 1 April, the swallows (or swifts?) have arrived and last night I heard the nightingales for the first time this year.

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