Zona on way out, back to the old problems

Incredibly, after a difficult ten days, the zona (shingles) is becoming history.  I no longer have that sharp pain, the blisters are scabbing, and I can sit in relative ease!

Method?  Take the traditional medicines – but also the homeopathic products like rhus tox, and visit the local healers.  Please don’t scream in incredulity my dear friends trained to believe only in medicine backed by scientific evidence.  Just as during my radiotherapy, this is what one does here and I go along with the local pressures from friends – provided I am also receiving the accredited medication or treatment. Apart from anything else I got to meet an absolutely delightful man (recommended by my physiotherapist) who as usual won’t accept any payment, but was delighted to receive my gift of two pots of honey.

All I can say is that I was expecting this nasty shingles to go on so much longer and – having of course read the worst case scenarios on the internet – feared in case I might be in that small minority with ongoing pain which can last months or even years.  Instead I am left with a case of extreme fatigue and some tummy trouble which (given the location of the shingles) is possibly related.

So now I’m back to where I was ten days ago: facing the nightmare of what to do about the recurring sharp shoulder pains which make all idea of continuing active rehabilitation out of the questions for now.  Both Joceline my physiotherapist and Maelle my doctor have been most sympathetic.  Joceline massaged the muscles of the shoulder blade (omoplate) – she could not touch the arm as the biceps tendons were too painful. Maelle expressed distress at the outcome of the operation.  She has put by an hour tomorrow to manipulate my shoulder to understand better the problem and hopefully help alleviate the pain.

Given the dramas of shingles and shoulder I had neither the time nor the energy to broach the further developments in the problems of arthritis in my left ankle, right knee and spine… …



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