Spring is here – for now

For the past week we have been having the most glorious weather: day after day of sun, blue skies, birds (and my resident frogs) announcing the coming of spring, masonry bees hunting for homes in the cracks round my doors,  and people burning bonfires and preparing for planting.

Across the valley the horses are in chirpy form (here they are viewed from my bedroom window).

Nearer home there are the unwelcome signs of processional caterpillars creating nests in the pine in front of my terrace.

Today I made it, despite my ankle, as far as Margaret’s house, seeing for myself the road in front of Hans and Margaret’s house, which has now completely collapsed, causing complete chaos as people from Serres and Salagosse now have to use the narrow back road across the valley (and the trip from Margaret’s house to me involves a complete circuit of the valley).  It is apparently going to be closed for months as first some government department has to give permission to use river water to repair the wall!

One of the frustrations of my shoulder problems is that I am not able to drive and have to ask others to do my shopping and to take me for medical and other appointments.  Margaret is of course my main support and I am so grateful.  I’m also helped by Dorothy and – new arrival – Odile – who is living in my gite (more about her later).  Yesterday Margaret took me to the le Vigan market – my first pleasure outing (apart from the two family visits when in the clinique) for nearly four months!  What bliss.  We sat at Dominique’s, the Italian cafe owner, basking in the sun and watching the life of the market in front of us.



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