Taxi ride home

i had booked my VSL home with the local firm I have always used. (Unlike next weeks trips to the physio in Ganges, the journey from clinique to home is paid for by the health system).

I know the Thiébault brothers well from all those radiotherapy trips in 2015, so it feels comfortably familiar being driven by them. Besides, they are really up on any gossip to do with the health system.

M. Thiébaut confirmed that the dramatic cutbacks in the standard rééducation times allowed by the Sécurité Sociale are general and not limited to the Centre Maguelone. What’s more, there are plans for a huge increase in day surgery.  When the new clinic is built in Ganges (a few years off as they have hit estimate problems) the building will be adapted to take account of this. Already they are talking of day surgery for hip replacements (provided there are no problems like people living alone)!

Glad my hips and shoulders are done, but there is still my problem knee and ankle to think about (or rather to try not to think about), not to mention the threat of discopathies in my back. Then again, Brexit may get there first … …

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