Margaret and Poppy were there to welcome me yesterday.

Poppy greeted me with gratifyingly enthusiastim.  She was crestfallen when Margaret and Hans left – she likes to have her pack all together – but has settled reasonably well.  We are having simply awful torrential rain (to make up for the two dry months over Christmas, so I am trying to make her go outside on her own. She is as reluctant as me.

i cannot think how I would have managed without Hans and Margaret.  They have been like rocks, visiting, checking on the house, shopping, dealing with my mail, and of course providing a second home for Poppy, who will probably be delighted to return to them daily when I start my physio sessions in Ganges.

I have had a few domestic problems: the central heating system controls were beyond Margaret – and me.  I thought I had to simply juggle the system between the tap and tap+radiator symbols, but it seems to keep reverting back to hot water only.  The house is not stone cold but the underfloor heating is not its usual snug winter self.

Added to this, there is clearly something wrong with the electrical system. The main, override fuse tripped once last week and twice since I have got back. Tomorrow morning I’m going to establish whether it is one particular circuit at fault or a general overload.  For the time being I have disconnected the entire garden system and fingers crossed, the lights are still on.

The other, sadder, discovery is that the eucalyptus tree we planted over Chris’s ashes, on his former vegetable plot, has been brought down again – a third time – in the winter storms.  If it survives, I think the answer will be to not let it grow too tall.

On a more cheerful note, I am pleased with my new, nonslip shower and shower screen.

I’m not attempting to restore the house to order – the contents of the bathroom and the passage outside were boxed away during the messy building work – and have recruited help for this tomorrow.  I did however manage to cook myself supper last night, though tonight I will be dipping into my well stocked freezer.

So, so far, no major problems caused by my lack of mobility. And not too much pain.

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