Small world

For the past ten dweeks days one of my dining companions has been a woman from near le Vigan: we have the same GP, physio, surgeon, and now, centre de rééducation!

Nadine is very much the sort of strong personality you expect from the Pays Viganais: a retired maths teacher and accountant, active in Amnesty and Restos du Cœurs (the charity which distributes food to the needy), opponent of employing people on the black, and staunch believer in healthy eating and living and alternative medicine.

Her husband, who runs a trout farm, is a gentle, smiling character and – again, small world – Chris and I bought the wood for our bookshelves in the house below from his father (who at 95 is still driving…). His sister is the mother in law of my doctor – and hence related by marriage to Jacky, who built my bassin! And, and – his family (Nouguier) are cousins of Christine Capieu, with whom I used to play music.

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