A better week

I was still fragile over the weekend: the pain was if anything worse after the infiltration, and I was demoralised by my failure to book a taxi VSL for the daily trips between my next place of stay and clinic (22 abortive phone calls!). Then this week things have looked up.

The return to passive rééducation – a ban on any activity which causes pain – has given the muscles, tendons or whatever a chance to calm down. Then on Tuesday Dr Belhassen said the scintigraphie would be on Friday and the échographie on Monday – and that meanwhile I should remain an inpatient here. So just as well I had called a halt on phoning taxis!

I have been noticing a slight improvement in my shoulder and arm.  It could, of course, be that once again I am not doing much. But although the sudden knife-like pain is still there, I do have increased mobility.  Nothing like where it should be now, but I am using both hands to eat (and type, for limited periods), I can touch my chin and left ear (but not the top of my head) and I can shake hands. I reckon I’m still only half-way to the target of raising my arm 90 degrees, so essential for leaving and driving.

Yesterday there was a minor breakthrough. Dr Belhassen had asked Delphine to try using a machine which vibrates the muscles in the area with pain whilst I was doing my daily exercises for her. Result: no shooting knife pains during the exercises, instead just low level warning signs. Dr Belhassen had told Delphine that he had read that this procedure could increase mobility during rééducation by up to 15%.  I think he has reached the stage of being ready to try anything.

it is not clear why or how long the benefits will last, but this morning I’m still more mobile than previously and the shooting pains are less frequent. Delphine expresses caution, given that I’m not demanding much of the shoulder. We are pinning hopes on Monday’s échographie revealing the cause of the pain.

One thing is for sure: this shoulder is going to take a long time to heal.  I must now continue my reasearch for a physiotherapy practice in Ganges with a pool and prepared to take me on for daily sessions.

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