Bonne année?

The ‘ Happy Christmas’ cards have now given way to the francophone ‘Meilleurs Vœux’ messages. But in both cases I detect a universal doubting.

If you put aside our shared delight in family and in particular in grandchildren, my friends everywhere want to draw a veil over 2016. And there is not much hope or optimism behind the wish for a better 2017.

Here in my enclosed hospital world, how often I have listened to fellow patients catalogue the traumas of 2016 – Syria, Brexit, Trump, the ‘attentats’ in Berlin, Paris, Nice….. and then consider with foreboding  and resignation the forthcoming French elections. The old world has come to an end they say, all change is now global and not for the best.

We may differ on whom or what to blame, but we can agree that 2016 has been a turning point in history.

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