Yesterday it rained! This was the first rain (discounting five-minute showers) since May. It rained from about 10 till 4.

Locals I have talked to say they have never known a four month drought like this, particularly since this has included periods of extreme heat, starting with temperatures of 40 plus in June.

The result is a landscape that looks burnt.  It’s not just the bushes that are brown, but trees.  Nobody is sure whether some of them have simply gone for an early autumn dropping of leaves or whether they will survive the winter.  In this photo, for example, taken from the terrace outside my bedroom, the ash tree to the left of the picture may not survive.  Of more concern to me is the ash tree which is part of the circle of trees behind my pool, also not looking happy.

But after yesterday’s gentle rain the view towards Bréau looked as usual magnificent.

Today I drove up the wonderful forestry road at the top of our valley and with friends we had our last lunch of the season at La Cravate, the restaurant with wonderful views, before it closes down for the winter.

At another table the former mayor of Bréau, René Masseport, was celebrating his 86th birthday with a large family party.  He came across to our table at one stage and asked if we could see Mont Ventoux (the white topped mountain in the Luberon).  Yes, we said, unusually we could see that far.  That means rain will come in the next three days, he said.