Christmas Bah Humbug

Silence is the only way to record a dreary Christmas. The meals were particularly dismal with a much reduced in quantity and quality clientele. Lunchtime food was quite good and at least we did not descend to the false bonhomie of paper hats and crackers.

The only bright moments of the day were my FaceTime sessions with the family, watching the children open stockings and presents and letting off steam in the “secret garden”, the wonderful wild space opposite Jude and Ed’s house. It was lovely seeing their anticipation (and occasional disappointment when presents needed charging or assembling).

It must be the perfect year when the older three all wrote (many) letters to Santa. Willow even left him a present, because it was not fair that he just gave presents. Ella looked so tall and mature as the oldest (sometimes it’s hard to remember she is only just seven), Otto very handsome in his James Bond outfit, and Willow and Maddie dashing round with noisy excitement. Noise? Prize goes to Maddie…. lots of asserting herself to keep up with the older three.

it was good getting cards and emails from friends  thank you all!

Here we went straight back to the usual routine (no Boxing Day in France), but the two families are still on holiday. This morning I watched Jude and family’s plane take off for Marrakech. Yes, another geeky iPhone app. One day I will get to Morocco.

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