Shoulder news – continuing uncertainty

I had a rather depressing interview with Dr Belhassen yesterday afternoon. I had geared up the courage to suggest the surgeon should be brought be brought back into the loop. I did not need to: he ad heard reports from nurses and physics, examined my shoulder and the latest X-rays, and picked up the phone to the surgeon, Marion Bertrand.

She goes on holiday for a week today, but will see me early January. Meanwhile I’m to have a scan next week. Dr Belhassen is exploring possible bone displacement or even fracture before considering tendon damage.

One way or another, my status as short-term patient has definitely been replaced by mid-term. This is in contrast to the general trend here which is towards shorter and shorter stays for post-replacement patients. France’s rééducation programme has been too good to be true and is now facing the cold light of financial reality.

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