Seasonal staff shortages

Here we are not immune to the double challenge of winter holidays and sickness. There is a general feeling of staff ratios being stretched to the limit.

My surgeon is away till January. My physio, Audrey, has been on holiday this week and replaced by the very nice but young Charles. The ergo-thérapeute, Delphine, is off next week and no replacement found (much to the frustration of the doctor as well as me, as this is perhaps the branch of physiotherapy most important for shoulders.

the nursing side is visibly stretched ny staff illness, with a rather grumpy head of nursing on active duty at the medicine trolley yesterday, and the charming and polite night n’use leaving his trolley to out on my compression stockings, usually the job of an aide soignant . He is staying on duty for an extra few hours but says it is no penalty because he loves his job


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