Christmas Eve in new room

Four in the afternoon and I have just spent two hours asleep. Why? Because yesterday I moved to a new room and am reveling in the calm. I have been needing rest.

My old room on the first floor was opposite the lift – and the natural place for people to go up and down to congregate, next to the dirty linen cupboard and the room with washing machine and ice making machine, and immediately above the smokers outside. And it had absolutely no view or balcony.

Now -at my request for a quieter place – I’m up on the second floor, where there are far fewer rooms and much less traffic.  Once again I’m opposite the lift! But it is somehow angled that I hear it less, and it stops here much less often. I can’t say I have a magnificent view, particularly at waist height given I cannot raise my right arm taking the photo. But you see the sky and I can step outside. In a few minutes the afternoon sun is going to come round the corner.

Im facing west, towards the road and a water tower in the distance (if you could see beyond the ridiculous horizontal concrete bar).  To the east of this building is the garden of the adjacent centre for people with Alzheimer’s (next port of call?) which has an enclosure with peacocks.  I’ve heard them but not yet seen them. At least I know from the notice on my bedroom door that I must not feed them.

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